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2 in 1 Children’s Shop and Theatre

SKU: 450
Looking for a children's shop stand? This 2 in 1 child shop and theatre will be a fantastic option. The shop is designed to be good sized and comes with 3 food crates. Turn it around and it's a puppet theatre It is finished with natural oils and beeswax. This also is great in combination with our cooktop set. All Qtoys are made of plantation timber, using child-safe, non-toxic materials to conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards. Product Dimensions: 75cm x 40cm x 120cm  Box Dimensions: 80cm x 33cm x 36cm  Weight: 17 kg

2 tier Tree Shelf

SKU: 549
From: 5.153.909 
This sturdy tree shelf made from recycled branches of Acacia wood would indeed add a unique and natural touch to any room. The combination of the recycled wood and the chunky legs ensures its durability and sturdiness, making it suitable for holding various items.

2 tone counting math set

SKU: 671
Looking for a toy that can help your preschoolers learn some basic math concepts and improve their counting skills? This set will be perfect! The popular Montessori style counting rods are not only good for counting but are also a great tool for children to learn addition and subtraction. All pieces are well sized and are beautiful bright colours. Made of plantation timber using non-toxic materials, making them safe for your little ones. This activity will enhance those numeracy skills.

2 Tone Number Set

SKU: 572
Our two-tone number set includes numbers from 0-9 to enhance those early math skills. The set includes 20 numbers. This is a great way to introduce children to numbers. As children explore these numbers they can learn to identify as well as count the numbers thus promoting their numeracy development.  

2 Tone Stacking and Nesting Bowls

SKU: 515
Our 2 tone nesting and stacking bowls are multifunctional. This is a very exciting set as you can not only use them as bowls for sorting experiences, but they can also be stacked in two different ways. They can be stacked one on top of the other to build a tower or they can be nested one inside the other.

2 Tone Wooden Balls Set of 50

SKU: 571
These beautifully finished wooden balls set of 50 are great accessories for our counting boards or counting trays. The wooden balls are the perfect addition to counting or loose parts play. All Qtoys products are made out of plantation timber using non- toxic child safe materials.

2 tone zig zag racing cars

SKU: 674
This two tone zig zag racing car set includes 3 cars with the zig zag racetrack. It is a fun and interactive experience for children through which they can learn about cause and effect. Moving objects are always attractive to young children. This zig zag racing car set is perfect for those curious minds.

3 Cylinder Blocks

SKU: 230

The cylinder blocks suitable for ages 18months+ has three cylinders all the same width, but different lengths. This offers the child practice with discriminating the correct depths of the cylinders. Measuring Base 5x5x12cm 4/3.5/3cm

This toy has passed the international standards of toy safety ( ISO8124 part 1). Please follow this link to view a full certificate

3 D Waterfall Play Set

SKU: 229
This 3D Waterfall play set is a unique set for imaginative play. This set includes the waterfall, the mountain,the river and the shrubs. This set is compatible with our Wooden Bridge, cottage house sets or wooden trees. This is an ideal set for all those imaginary thinkers. It makes a great addition to your childrens pretend play experiences.

3 in 1 Toddler Chair

SKU: 055
Our 3 in 1 toddler chair is the perfect addition for a classroom or home. Not only does it work as a toddler chair but with a simple turn over it becomes a table and also a chair for an older child.

3 in one Learning Tower

SKU: 438
Introducing our fantastic learning tower for kids, a must-have accessory to empower little helpers and encourage creativity through play. This versatile learning tower is designed to provide a safe and sturdy platform, allowing children to actively engage in household activities and foster their independence. Our tower also comes with a built-in whiteboard and it also includes a convenient clipboard, allowing children to secure sheets of paper and draw or write with ease. This learning tower can also be turned into a high chair (the highest level is the seat level) for feeding too.

3 Shape Puzzle

SKU: 212

Introducing your little one as young as 18 months to their first shape puzzle. This simple puzzle includes a triangle, circle, and square to encourage your child’s hand eye coordination, sorting skills, and fine motor skills. Measuring 20cmx8cm