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Bead counting abacus

SKU: 344
Introduce your little ones to the fascinating world of numbers and early math skills with the QToys Bead Counting Abacus. This beautifully crafted educational toy is designed to engage and inspire young minds, making learning a joyful and hands-on experience. The abacus features a sturdy wooden frame that holds brightly colored beads, creating an inviting visual appeal for children. The beads slide effortlessly along the rods, providing a tactile and interactive way for kids to explore counting, addition and subtraction concepts which lead to numeracy development. The vibrant colors not only capture attention but also aid in differentiating between each colour.

Classic wooden rocker

SKU: 346
Introducing our classic wooden rocker, a timeless addition to imaginative play for children and their cherished dolls. Crafted with precision and care, this wooden rocker combines classic design with exceptional quality. The smooth rocking motion invites young minds to embark on imaginative journeys, fostering creativity and storytelling as they engage with their favourite dolls. Designed by QToys, this classic wooden rocker not only provides a delightful play experience but also adds a touch of charm to any playroom. Encourage your child's creativity and make playtime truly magical with our classic wooden rocker.

Eco tree play set

SKU: 341
This 'eco tree play set' comes in a set of 6. These wooden trees are the perfect accessories to add to other imaginative play toy sets. Our products at Qtoys are made of natural wood. It is a natural and eco-friendly material which is safe and durable. Children can explore the rich textures of these trees with their fingertips, experiencing the natural feel of the wood. As these items are crafted from authentic wood, some natural parts may occasionally detach, adding to the tactile and sensory experience.

Solid Lacing Trees set of 3

SKU: 475
Embark on a journey of imaginative play with our exquisite set of Lacing Trees, crafted from the finest Rubberwood to bring both durability and aesthetic charm to your child's playtime. These beautifully designed trees serve a dual purpose, serving as engaging lacing toys and versatile elements for pretend play and role-playing adventures. The set includes three lacing strings and accompanying wooden balls, adding an extra layer of fun and challenge to the experience.

Wooden Microwave Oven

SKU: 440
Discover endless possibilities with our wooden microwave for children. Beyond being a source of entertainment, this charming wooden microwave offers numerous benefits for young minds. Crafted with safety and sustainability in mind, it's an eco-friendly playtime companion that nurtures growth, learning, and imaginative exploration.

Wooden Washing Machine

SKU: 442
Our wooden washing machine is an educational resource that sparks imaginative play while seamlessly fitting into homes and childcare settings. Carefully crafted to be engaging, this wooden appliance invites children to explore the world of household chores and learn valuable life skills through interactive play.

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